Celebrating 25 Years of Teesside

The 25th November 2020 marked a year since our Teesside site in the North East of the UK successfully set up its base maintenance facility to service our Falcon 20 aircraft. There was also occasion for a double celebration, as the site reached its 25-year anniversary.

We began flight operations at Teesside in 1995 to support Royal Air Force Training. During the intervening years, the company evolved in various ways, but its core business has remained the same and a sense of family prevails among the site employees. The 60+ strong team that now hold the fort at Teesside continue to add great value to the business and are looking forward to their future as Draken Europe. The original team of employees moved from Bournemouth to the North East to set up the site. Incredibly three of them have stood the test of time; Captain Tony Morris and Engineers Alan Rhodes and Dave Parsonage.