Draken Europe and Collins Aerospace demonstrate Live Virtual Constructive advances to RAF Air Command

Draken Europe and our colleagues at Draken US have always been at the forefront of technological innovation, ensuring the UK and US armed forces and their strategic allies are fully prepared for the combat scenarios of today and tomorrow.

Future training environments will increasingly rely on real-time blended “live” and “virtual” elements, or LVC (Live Virtual Constructive) training and the team at Draken Europe was proud to showcase our advances in this field to personnel from RAF Air Command and the Royal Air Force (RAF) Air & Space Warfare Centre last week.

A live demo hosted at our Teesside facility showed the successful integration of #JSAS pods (Joint Secure Air Combat Training System) based on a Common Range Integrated Instrumentation System (CRIIS) from our partners at Collins Aerospace into our training fleet of Falcon 20 jets.

This represents a major milestone in our delivery of advanced real-time combat training, as Draken Europe’s VP of Flight Operations, Spike Jepson, explains: “Working hand-in-hand with colleagues at Collins, we were able to host a very successful UK demonstration of the live relay of high-capacity Time, Space & Position Information (TSPI) across multiple secure waveforms, coupled with multiple synthetic missile fly-out and real-time kill notifications from two CRIIS-equipped aircraft. This PV-funded development work forms part of our continual investment in innovative Operational Readiness Training solutions and connectivity.

"The addition of these next-generation systems to our fleet substantially enhances our training capabilities and will, in the future, improve interoperability with our military customers. The net result? Our forces will be better prepared.”