US Navy/Marine Corps chooses Draken for JTAC training

For the sixth year in a row, the US Navy/Marine Corps (USN/USMC) chose Draken to provide training for their two premier Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) schools.

Draken competed for, and was awarded, two task orders valued at over $6M providing close air support training programs for the Expeditionary Warfare Training Groups Pacific (EWTGPAC) and Atlantic (EWTGLANT) starting September 2022 and running through July 2023. 

Led by Program Director, Jeff “Magwa” Scott, these contracts require Draken to provide all personnel (including those certified for munitions handling), aircraft, equipment, certifications, licenses, clearances, and administrative support at deployed locations in order to provide this high tempo realistic training including some of the most demanding military missions like dropping live weapons during daylight hours and at night. 

Bill Tart, President and COO, said, “The Navy and Marine Corps JTACs get the highest-level of training possible from Team Draken. Year after year, this team proves they bring the best capability and availability for these superstar JTACs going through training.” 

Flying Draken A-4s and L-159s, our combat experienced Close Air Support pilots, seasoned maintenance and logisticians have supported over 800 missions dropping more than 2400 bombs on USN/USMC practice ranges in the last five years. 

The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division program office recognized Draken’s excellence and dedication to mission accomplishment through this award and their leadership’s compliments like “Draken is a huge asset as they are one of the few contract training platforms available able to consistently meet the fixed wing standards and training requirements.” 

From the professional performance this year, to the award of this new business, CEO Gary Thomas commented “Really proud of this group, but I am not surprised. Well done.