Operational Readiness Training

Whether it is adversarial support, electronic attack or customized rotary-wing training we offer the most accurate and advanced readiness training in the industry. Our vast, differentiated fleet, cutting edge hardware and experienced instructors are engaged to help your mission take off.

Tactical Fast Jet Operations

Instructors with recent front-line experience provide high speed, realistic training for defense of land based and sea based assets.

Electronic Attack and Target Tow

Our advanced Electronic Warfare platforms seamlessly integrate into your training scenarios.

Helicopter Academy

A unique blend of military and civil helicopter training covering all aspects of rotary-wing flying.
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MRO & Engineering

With more than 35 years of delivering systems support and engineering solutions to governments and defense organizations your aircraft is safe with us. We maintain rotary-wing, fixed-wing platforms and special mission equipment, ensuring everything is in top condition when you need it.

Maintained by Us

We offer a long-term agreement tailored to your specific maintenance needs.

Owned and Maintained by Us

We keep our aircraft in perfect condition ready for your next mission.

Search & Rescue

When it comes to saving lives, every second counts. With our 20-year track record of designing, building and conducting day-to-day activities you can count on us to deliver safely and swiftly. You can focus on key requirements while we take care of the rest.

Where We Operate

Being ready is not only a matter of when. But where. We provide services in the UK, US, and across the NATO countries. Making sure that our allies can maneuver around defeat and prepare to prevail.

Current and Past Missions


Whilst the projects we undertake are incredibly varied, the manner in which we conduct ourselves must be unwavering. From ensuring the safety of our employees, to providing equal opportunities for everyone looking for employment.


And by continually improve our environmental practices and performance, such as lowering energy consumption and using environmentally friendly resources throughout product design, operations, supply chain management and logistics.